Friday, October 20, 2017

BAE Audio Hot Fuzz Pedal Inspires Producer and former Guns N’ Roses Guitarist Gilby Clarke

Los Angeles, CA, October 20, 2017Guitarist, songwriter, and producer Gilby Clarke has owned a great many pedals during his long career, a career which has included stints as a member of Guns N’ Roses and numerous studio sessions. He was also familiar with the reputation for analogue excellence of hand-wired studio hardware manufacturer BAE Audio, whose rack gear is among the key pieces he turns to in his own full-service home studio. When he heard that BAE Audio had released its first guitar pedal, the Hot Fuzz, he was intrigued to explore one of his favorite gear manufacturers’ take on the stompbox effect.

The Hot Fuzz arrived at Clarke’s studio just as he was in the thick of recording his newest solo record. “I’ve stepped back from some of my touring obligations this year to focus on finishing the new record,” he says. “Since I’m producing as well as playing guitar and writing all the songs, it’s a lot of work.” His home studio is stocked with a healthy complement of classic guitar amps as well as over 40 guitars, so he already had access to a wealth of guitar sounds. But when he plugged in the Hot Fuzz, he found its sonics both harkening back to an old favorite and delivering something totally new.

What’s Old is New
The Hot Fuzz is a dual-stomp pedal featuring both a vintage-style treble booster and a vintage-style fuzz, each with separate bypass switches. “I had an original treble booster some years back which I used to love with a dirty tube amp,” he says. “I got rid of it for some reason, but kicking on the Hi Frequency Boost on the Hot Fuzz—it really has that sound. It’s not really treble so much as it is high midrange—it just brings that frequency range out in a way that makes the guitar really sing.”
Immediately, the tone opened up new creative possibilities for Clarke, who was looking for some additional material to round out his full-length record. “I had a little riff that was the first thing I was trying out on the Hot Fuzz and it suddenly inspired a new riff which inspired a new song!” he says.
BAE Audio CEO Mark Loughman had recommended that Clarke experiment with kicking on both the boost and fuzz sections of the pedal simultaneously for yet another tone option, a chain he had not used in his days as an owner of a vintage treble booster. “As the song came together, I ended up using just the treble boost for the verse, and then the boost and the fuzz together for the chorus,” he says. “It really did everything you could ask for from a pedal for me: it inspired me creatively and helped move the song along dynamically.”

Full Spectrum Fuzz
Clarke felt that the unique sonic character of the fuzz section of the Hot Fuzz separated it from other dirt boxes he has used over the years. “The tone of the fuzz reminds me a bit of 90s Russian fuzz pedals, but it has way more tonal range than that,” he explains. “Those were very two-dimensional pedals, you either had a fuzzy low end or a fuzzy high end. With the Hot Fuzz, the fuzz is spread very evenly throughout the bass, treble, and midrange.”
For Clarke, it is the articulate midrange of the Hot Fuzz that makes it so musical. “As a guitar player, I’m always looking for a defined midrange,” he says. “That’s the part of the spectrum that the guitar is responsible for, and the Hot Fuzz has really nice tonal characteristics in the all-important 1kHz to 3kHz range.” Clarke also found the fuzz highly responsive. “Not only does it sound good, but it’s got that great singing sustain, where you can hold out a note and it will really last,” he says.

Caught by the Fuzz
Clarke sees room for a lot more potential for exploration with the Hot Fuzz in the future. “This is a very new toy for me, and already it has lead to some cool things, so I look forward to messing around with it more,” he says. As for the new song it inspired, since named ‘Tightwad,’ Clarke describes it as among the top few single candidates on the record. “The Hot Fuzz is a huge part of the sound of that song, so I’m going to have to make some room for it on my pedalboard for my upcoming shows,” he says. He now recommends it to any intrepid guitar players out there who, like he is, are constantly searching for new tonal options. “It’s a really unique sound, so if you’re someone who likes to experiment and try new things you’ll find that the Hot Fuzz is a pedal that can really inspire something.”

For more information on the Hot Fuzz, please visit http://www.baeaudio.com.

New Circuit Patch Store for the Novation Circuit from Isotonik Studios



To date the first pack from Yves Big City is by far our best selling pack of Patches, Samples and Sessions for the Novation Circuit. As soon as Firmware Version 1.6 was announced it was Yves who was the first to suggest working on a pack that made the most of the new enhanced drums features.
And so today we're proud to launch the first in hopefully a long running series entitled "Start Something".

Before Novation launched their Circuit groovebox they teased the internet with a series of short films around the concept of breaking out of the usual paradigm of music making with a DAW and instead just going back to basics, It's here where we re-enter that particular principle.

Unlike our other packs for the Circuit in our Patch Store this one doesn't come with any patches for the Nova Synths, instead it focuses on the drum machine element of the circuit with a full set of samples and a range of sessions to kick off any composition.

As an added bonus Yves has also included a set of one button chords for each of the sessions so that you're instantly set up to start creating.

Checkout the video above and the Soundcloud links on the product page, if you've used Yves Delorean Dream pack you'll know the quality is assured!


Monday, October 16, 2017

NKRIOT Amoeba Performance and cassette release

On nov. 9th 2017 NKRIOT will be hosting his official in-store performance & cassette release party at amoeba music in hollywood, ca.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

CRÈME releases Helium

Oh Boy Records to Release Dan Reeder’s Nobody wants to be you. on November 10

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Oh Boy Records announces the upcoming release of Dan Reeder ’s newest project, Nobody wants to be you . on November 10 . The five-song EP will be distributed by Thirty Tigers and was produced by Reeder himself.

Nobody wants to be you. marks Reeder’s fourth release on Oh Boy Records, a relationship formed after Reeder sent a burned CD to John Prine in the early 2000’s. Prine listened, signed Reeder to his label, toured with him four times, and released all three of Reeder’s previous records: Dan Reeder (2004), Sweetheart (2005), and This New Century (2009). The albums garnered glowing reviews; publications like No Depression deemed him “brilliant,” and NPR’s Fresh Air compared Reeder to Prine himself. The New Yorker ’s Ben Greenman coined him as “one of the foremost outsider artists in modern folk” and he was featured on the Emmy award-winning show Weeds (“Work Song”).

While Nobody wants to be you is the precursor to a full-length (set for a 2018 release), the EP isn’t lacking in tenacity and holds true to his distinct style: slightly quirky, painstakingly honest, and undeniably witty. Compared to its predecessors, his latest work delivers a brighter, more energized tone, full of what Reeder calls “easy piano.” This can arguably be heard on the first single, “Kung fu is my fighting style”, a rock-n-roll, piano-driven ballad with a uniquely-distorted electric guitar solo, which also happens to be the only guitar on the entire album. On the other hand, the opening and title track, “Nobody wants to be you” is much more soothing. The bluntness of the lyrics are softened by Reeder’s crooning; yet, even with multi-layered harmonies, his voice maintains its iconic “wisp.” While the album varies from the folk groundwork laid in the past, Reeder’s musical intelligence is as present as ever. When you listen to Nobody wants to be you, you’re hearing more than an album. You’re hearing every piece of a self-made artist and his multi-faceted skill set -- from the soulful, smoky vocal overlay to a singular, meticulous guitar sound, but best of all, you’re hearing the ingenuity that is Dan Reeder.

In addition to his musical background, Reeder designs all of his album art (including the cover of Nobody wants to be you ., featured above) and is a critically-acclaimed visual artist. Since moving from California to Nuremberg, Germany, over 30 years ago, he has won various visual art awards, participated in numerous exhibitions, led art seminars, and took on a visiting professorship at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste (aka, Germany’s Academy of Fine Arts). In 2012, he published an overview of his work titled Art Pussies Fear This Book .

For more information, visit www.danreeder.com .

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Lisa Loeb to be Honored at the 2018 She Rocks Awards

ANAHEIM, Calif. (October 4, 2017) – The Women’s International Music Network (the WiMN) is pleased to announce acclaimed platinum-selling artist Lisa Loeb as the first honoree at the upcoming 2018 She Rocks Awards. Recognizing women who stand out as role models in the music industry, the live awards event will take place on January 26, 2018, at 6:30 p.m. at the new House of Blues in Anaheim, CA. Tickets are now on sale and available for purchase at sherocksawards.com.

Lisa Loeb is a singer-songwriter, producer, touring artist, author and philanthropist who started her career with the platinum-selling Number 1 hit song “Stay (I Missed You)” from the film Reality Bites. A trailblazing independent artist, Lisa was the first pop musician to have a Number 1 single while not signed to a recording contract. Lisa continues to craft irresistible pop songs for the 21st century, while designing Lisa Loeb Eyewear, writing children's books, and supporting non-profit causes. She is releasing a new children’s album on October 6, titled Lullaby Girl. For more information about Lisa Loeb, visit Lisaloeb.com.

Laura B. Whitmore, founder of the WiMN and co-producer of the She Rocks Awards, comments, “We are so thrilled to honor Lisa Loeb, an iconic and pioneering artist. She is truly a role model for female artists of all ages. The She Rocks Awards celebrates women from all walks of the music and audio industries and we are looking forward to a stellar event this January!”

More 2018 She Rocks Awards honorees will be announced soon.

The She Rocks Awards pays tribute to women who display leadership and stand out within the music and audio industry. It brings together industry professionals, music icons, artists, fans and the media.

Past honorees of the She Rocks Awards include multi-platinum artist, Colbie Caillat; legendary percussionist Sheila E.; icons Chaka Khan and Ronnie Spector; Experience Hendrix CEO, Janie Hendrix; rock guitarist and singer/songwriter, Lita Ford; Executive Director of the NAMM Foundation, Mary Luehrsen; Grammy® Award-winning bass player and singer/songwriter, Esperanza Spalding and many more. Past years have included stellar performances by The Bangles, Karmin, Mindi Abair, Orianthi, Nita Strauss, and many others.

The 2018 She Rocks Awards will take place on Friday, January 26, 2018
during the NAMM Show at the new House of Blues Anaheim at 6:30 p.m. This high-energy evening includes live music, awards and speeches, celebrity appearances, a fabulous silent auction, food with cash bar, amazing gift bags and so much more! Tickets are now on sale, available in four tiers that include dinner and more. A NAMM Show badge is not required to attend the She Rocks Awards. Find out more and purchase tickets at sherocksawards.com.

The 2018 She Rocks Awards is sponsored by Gretsch, Seymour Duncan, Martin Guitar, Roland, Reverb.com, Roland, Zildjian, Presonus, Sennheiser, PreSonus, Sabian, Schecter Guitars,
108 Rock Star Guitars, Berklee Online, Bittree, On Stage Stands, M.A.C. Cosmetics, Paul Mitchell, NAMM, Guitar World, Guitar Player, Bass Player, Electronic Musician, and more. For information regarding She Rocks Awards sponsorship opportunities, please contact info@thewimn.com.

Learn more about the She Rocks Awards at sherocksawards.com.

Isotonik Studios gives away GHOSTS for FREE



"We've been absolutely blown away by the reception given to the Arcade Series Returns so we've decided to celebrate!

In creating the series Ableton Certified Trainer, Mark Towers built an original proof of concept of Ghosts, it wasn't linked to a control surface and was controlled merely by the mouse.
It was the screenshot of this that saw us get our biggest media coverage to date and now we've decided to finish off the device and make it available as a taste of the full series for FREE!
Ghosts LE is s MaxforLive Generative sequencer that can be controlled by the mouse, inspired by PacMan it’s Ghosts create MIDI notes in a defined scale each time the touch a power pill.
With a variety of controls over the Ghosts and the ability to change the contents of the map you can set up numerous copies to create your own generative composition.

Whilst Ghosts LE is the free introduction to the Arcade Series Returns it also includes some of the ranges core features such as looping and export to MIDI Clip. Just watch Marks walkthrough video above for more details!"



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