Thursday, January 21, 2016

The NAMM Show 2016 Begins!

Photo Edited. Original by Jesse Grant / Getty Images for NAMM.
The NAMM Show 2016 officially begins today! Although it formally opens in a few hours, here is a preliminary showing thanks to RobertsonComm of the MPMP (Music Products Media Preview) event hosted at Bowlmor Lanes in Anaheim, California!

JamHub is introducing JamHub® Stage!
This is a very sturdy unity built to control your in-ear monitors, wedges, and powered speakers on stage. You can also connect it to a computer for full-band analog monitoring while multitracking.

It includes:
  • Master faders
  • Main XLR outputs
  • 14ch analog FOH send
  • 14ch USB multitrack output
  • Upt to 10 indificual mixes
  • Ultra-low-noise circuitry

MusicSchoolOnline.com presented their educational services which encompasses lessons in a number of musical instruments, music theory, and even recording all taught by professionals in the industry such as session musicians. A student of MusicSchoolOnline, Whitney Myer, is using it to learn bass, guitar, and piano and explained the ease of use in her experience with the website.

Learn more about Whitney Myer at her website: http://whitneymyer.com/

She closed with a remarkable live performance:

Left: Mark Bain | Right: Chris Stack
Sensorpoint, Inc featured Jambé™, a percussion instrument previously shown at NAMM 2015 which can now be pre-orded and the software was rebuilt from the ground up! It had fantastic sensitivity and allows for drumsticks or your hands to trigger the instrument. It comes with a lightwood finish or walnut dark and the software runs on iOS.

BeatBuddy has beeen at previous NAMM Shows and is expanding! They were featuring their new very sturdy BeatBuddy Mini at $149 which is half the price of their main unit, $299. To cut the cost, the mini is slightly more compact with no midi sync or firmware updates. Their foot switch has great response and a solid build as well at $49.

Boveda Inc. was displaying their 2-Way Humidity Control Technology, which cannot be found anywhere else in the world! It monitors ambient humidity while adding or removing moisture. Place the pack in a container and it instantly begins to work.

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