Monday, February 27, 2017

Native Instruments releases MASCHINE Expansion HEADLAND FLOW

Berlin, February 27, 2016 – Native Instruments today released HEADLAND FLOW – a new MASCHINE Expansion that fuses thick grooves from traditional drum machines with live, funky breaks, R&B-flavored instrumentation, and gritty percussion to bring Southern hip hop’s musical jambalaya to MASCHINE.

A versatile toolkit, HEADLAND FLOW has been painstakingly recorded. Each vintage drum set was surrounded by over a dozen different mics all running from an analog mixing board to a stereo bus compressor, giving each hit a penetrating sound that feels like it came from vinyl itself. Legendary bass and electric guitars provide an authentic, analog vibe, while vintage keyboards add distinctively old school melodic elements. This combines an analog, R&B-flavored sound pallette with the power and flexibility of MASCHINE.

Unlike its sample-driven cousins in New York and California, this regional variety of hip hop distinguishes itself with soulful keys, bluesy bass lines, and funky breaks played by live musicians on top of traditional drum machine programming. And although Houston and New Orleans helped lay the groundwork, the epicenter of the “Dirty South” was at the corner of Headland and Delowe, in the heart of  Atlanta’s East Point neighborhood.

HEADLAND FLOW runs in the latest MASCHINE software on the entire MASCHINE hardware family and is available exclusively at the NI Online Shop.

A compact version of HEADLAND FLOW is also available as an iMASCHINE Expansion, for sketches on the go. Tracks can be exported to MASCHINE STUDIO, MASCHINE JAM, MASCHINE, and MASCHINE MIKRO for completion.

HEADLAND FLOW is available now at the NI Online Shop for $49 / 49 € / £44 / ¥ 6,280 / AU$ 79 and runs in the MASCHINE 2 software.

The iMASCHINE expansion is available at the iMASCHINE in-app store for $0.99 / 0,99 € / £0.79 / ¥ 120 / AU$ 1.29

Additional information on HEADLAND FLOW is available at:

Akai's New iMPC Music Production App for iPad


Watch the demo below:

Friday, February 24, 2017

NAMM 2017: Drumcell, Richard Devine, Baseck, Jack Pharaoh, Max Gonzales

Drumcell (right) Richard Devine (left)
Jack Pharaoh, Max Gonzales
A number of people were spotted this years NAMM Show: Dumcell, Richard Devine, Baseck, Jack Pharaoh, and Max Gonzales.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

NAMM 2017: Arturia

Arturia was featuring their MatrixBrute, DrumBrute, KeyStep, MiniLab MkII, and more with a fun-filled sound design station. DrumBrute is their newest analog drum machine announced 3 months before the show and MiniLab MkII is the newest version of the MiniLab with a touchstrip for more control of pitchbend and other parameters, encoders, color coded pads, and more. The MatrixBrute, seen last year, is now completed and shipping!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

IK Multimedia releases iRig Recorder 3, audio/video recording app for iPhone and iPad

Now with pro audio effects, video recording and much more
February 21, 2017 - IK Multimedia is proud to announce the release of iRig Recorder 3, the new version of the popular audio recording app which now supports video recording plus includes a wider collection of pro audio effects, expanded sharing capabilities via a number of online services and social media as well as professional exporting features. iRig Recorder 3 now allows users to finalize superb sounding audio/video recordings directly on their device, share them with the world or export them for further editing.
The pro audio recording app, now with video
While there are many video recording apps available, very few of them focus on an easy way of getting professional sounding audio tracks together with the recorded video. iRig Recorder 3 solves this problem, starting from a powerful audio recording engine and adding video recording capabilities for a truly complete content production solution. With more and more musicians, video-makers, bloggers, journalists, web professionals and enthusiasts willing to share their videos at a higher-than-ever quality, IK Multimedia have focused on giving them everything they need to record serious audio and video at the same time, anywhere. Whether for recording "selfie" videos, live performances, lectures, speeches, interviews and much more, iRig Recorder 3 is aimed at both professionals and enthusiasts who need a tool capable of higher versatility when it comes to creating ready-to-share, high-quality video with great audio directly on their iPhone and iPad.

iRig Recorder 3 supports both portrait and landscape audio and video recording, allowing iPad users to take advantage of the full size of their device's screen for previewing and capturing higher quality videoclips. Together with IK's iKlip Grip range of multifunctional camera stands for iPhone, or iKlip Xpand mounts for iPad, iRig Recorder 3 provides a great solution for shooting professional audio/video anywhere, on the go.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

NAMM 2017: Soundbrenner

Soundbrenner smart vibrating metronome had some amazing updates! You can now change the sound type, share your settings with friends, has a new chest strap, and many more software updates!

Friday, February 17, 2017

NAMM 2017: Fingerweights

Fingerweights provide training and rehabilitation for improvement of speed, dexterity and strength of the fingers.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

NAMM 2017: Quicco Sound

Quicco Sound was showcasing their, "mi.le" that acts as a MIDI-CV/Gate Interface which can also be utilized as 8 LFO's completely with customizable shape through the app.

NAMM 2017: Elektron

Elektron released their new sampler and drum machine, the Digitakt:

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Jacks - Hot Reaction

"The Jacks," 
Southern California's newest rock band inspired by the vintage sound of the 60s and 70s, released their debut single, "Hot Reaction." 

NAMM 2017: Death by Audio

Friday, February 10, 2017

NAMM 2017: PRS - Paul Reed Smith Guitars & Zemaitis

PRS Guitars and Zemaitis had some lovely custom guitars on display this year:

NAMM 2017: Casio

Casio featured, "Dance Music Mode" as well the new Celviano AP-460 and Privia PX-160. The Privia series is known for it's spectacular feel with heavy-weighted keys at a low price.

The GP-400 was nominated for a NAMM Tec Award.

Corey Amery made a visit to try one of the new Privias:


NAMM 2017: Alex Skolnick at Seymore Duncan booth

Alex Skolnick was a guest performer at the Seymore Duncan booth this year:

NAMM 2017: Kaptain Rock at Pioneer DJ

Kaptain Rock was spotted jamming in the Pioneer DJ booth: 

NAMM 2017: 2nd Annual DJ Social

The Annual DJ Social had its second year within the Hilton Hotel. They featured open decks with many talented DJs scratching and mixing throughout the night. Many prizes were given away including: slip mats, a workstation table, T-shirts, and more!

Some of the highlights of the floor were DJ lazyboy and Dj tech ripping up the ones and twos.

See a recap video of the event:

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

NAMM 2017: Teenage Engineering & Roli with Lavine Linarez

Music By Anyone
Photo by Lavine Linarez
Attending NAMM can be overwhelming and disorienting to anyone that has never attended. Like many trade shows there are so many vendors trying to pull people in and showcase their products. The most compelling ideas manifested from the exhibitors wanting to engage people with no musical background such as Teenage Engineering and Roli. Both displayed stand alone single components that anyone could pick up and begin using right away. However, both approached the users experience in very different ways.

Photo by Lavine Linarez
Photo by Lavine Linarez

Teenage Engineering’s collaboration with Magnus Lidström of Sonic Charge, to create pocket operator PO-32 Tonic for synthetic beats that works with Microtonic software. Magnus says “The goal with PO-32 was to squeeze… perfectly optimized recreations of the oscillators, filters and envelopes from the original Microtonic.” Each pocket operator is about the size and look of a pocket calculator ranging in price of $49-59 and the most expensive at $139 (bundled with Microtonic). To help keep the price low on the nits, the developers have left the cases and screen protectors off the unit. What you receive is a small bare bones board with LCD screen and buttons. However, they do offer silicone cases for $29. What makes the small operator so compelling is one can simply pick any up and tap away on the buttons and create a beat or rhythm. The operators can be synchronized together through a line in and line out. Sounds can be created and downloaded directly to the unit from the Microtonic software. Even for the novice, it can feel easy to start on a simple beat and move from it to something more complex.
Photo by Lavine Linarez

Photo by Lavine Linarez

Roli was exciting because it focused on making modular boxes that any person, whether musically inclined or not, could use. Even when no computer is available, the Noise app can be downloaded for free to an iPhone or iPad. Roli seems to want to create a community of musicians as well. On Noise.fm, songs and ideas can be uploaded and shared with others. Roli also offers a chance to not only create music by offering a free app, but offers the purchase of developer kits for Blocks. At $179.95, the price on one block is low enough to take the chance on one unit but once the Live and Loop blocks are added ($79.95 each), the price can get high. However, Roli blocks can also be used as a midi controller for many programs such as Ableton Live. With all Roli has to offer, free software, musical community. Modeler and versatile units that are compact and portable, developer tools, the price begins to look so bad.

When it comes to pushing ones musical creativity, Teenage Engineering and Roli presented products that are easily accessible to a variety of people.

By Lavine Linarez

Photo by Lavine Linarez

Lavine Linarez was given her first camera at the age of 13 beginning her love of photo and art. She later graduated from CalArts with a Fine Art and Photography degree. Now a business owner, she specializes in event photography and special effects makeup. She is influenced by Joel-Peter Witkin, Anton Corijn, Skinny Puppy and all things weird. 

Instagram: @zanlinez

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Mr. Gadget - Red Hot & Purple

NAMM 2017: Booth 5000 The Modular Synth Collective

The collective of modular synthesizer enthusiasts resided primarily in Booth 5000 and they were, once again, on the second floor near the opening entrance of the NAMM Show instead of downstairs with a rise in popularity. There were many other modulars to see throughout the show, but most of them remained here, in booth 5000.

We'll give you a more in-depth look of some new innovations from this synth wizards. For now, here is a video walk-through:

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