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Nashville EDM Artist INEVITABLE Releases Debut Album, "Bang the Drums," Today

NASHVILLE, TN – August 2019

When small town Mississippi transplant Kurt Kirton moved to Nashville in 1995 to work
in the music business he never imagined becoming an EDM artist. “I just began singing
in college and had never recorded until 1997. I started off with a couple of covers and
didn’t begin songwriting til a few years later,” Kirton states wistfully. “It’s hard to
believe that it’s been 22 years, but dance music is such a part of me, and even though I
take breaks from it, I love it so much every time I come back.” INEVITABLE’s new
album Bang the Drums releases August 23 rd 2019.

Of the 12 songs, Kirton produced all of them and penned 10. “Having my own home
studio now has really sped up and simplified the process of writing and recording new
material as well as given me more control over the creative process.”

The album, ranging from trance to dance to electropop, features covers of American Idol
finalist Danny Gokey’s “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again” and a Tiffany track from her
little known third album. “I love doing covers of catchy obscure songs, but it’s also been
so fulfilling to write from my own experiences.” Several themes are apparent on the
album such as encouragement and relationships. And with his sharp wit, parodies are a
natural for Kirton, so he dared to include one on the album taking on Justin Timberlake’s
monster hit “Can’t Stop the Feelin’.”

Kirton’s last music break (after INEVITABLE’s second one-off single, “Queen of the
Dance Floor” [2013]) was to take the plunge into writing a book. “Topically it’s far and
away from music—job search best practices and career advice. An important part of the
book was the Epilogue which was on purpose, hope, and encouragement in the job hunt.
Life is hard, be it in love or career experiences, so it’s humbling and amazing to use the
platform of writing to encourage to others.”

The format of the band and vocalists remains similar to People in a Box (his previous
band) in that you’ll hear more voices than just his on the record. “I love working with
different writers, players, and vocalists and having more voices on my songs than just my 2
own. Nashville is the perfect place to find some incredibly talented singers to be a part of
the INEVITABLE experience,” he explains.

The album is 11 songs plus a remix of 2011’s debut INEVITABLE single, “Hot Time in
the City. “My goal is always to have every song be as catchy and well written and
produced as possible—no filler tracks! I think dance music fans will embrace the album,
and even those who aren’t EDM fans will enjoy more tracks than they’d think. I write
and produce with a pop mindset and the music incorporates a lot of those sensibilities.”
After 14 years since his last full album and nearly two years in the making, Bang the
Drums is an impressive comeback album and follow up to the first two INEVITABLE
singles. Four singles are planned with service to dance friendly radio worldwide.
INEVITABLE’s bio, press kit and online retailers list can be found at inevitablemusic.org

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