Tuesday, February 27, 2018

A FREE Novation Circuit Pack from Lightfinger, you should be so Lucky




With the Ill CIrcuitry Pack from Jim Drones hitting 3,000 downloads we thought it was time to bring you a new taster of what's in our store, enter the Science of Lightfinger and his FREE Lucky 7 Pack made up of some of the patches of his previous collections with a load of bonuses thrown in for good measure!

Patches Volume 1 – 41 dynamic patches with a wide variety of pads, basses, leads, keys and SFX that are suitable for many genres. Also included is the Future Retro Sample Set Collection, 5 Sample Sets for the Novation Circuit with over 250 dynamic samples featuring Hi-Tech Hits, Sci-Fi Stingers, FX Stabs, Electronic Percussion and Tonal Elements.

Future Frontiers – 46 patches for Circuit with a varied collection of Basses, Leads, Arpeggios, Pads, Keyboards, and SFX. Also includes the Future Retro Sample Set Collection, 5 custom sample Sets for Circuit.

Evolution Pack – 64 Patches, 16 Sessions and two new sample sets. Explore new grooves with 16 fresh new Sessions and get hard with the Distructo Sample Set.

Know Your Knobs! These patches, with a few exceptions, have practical, standardized macros with the most important parameters always assigned to the same knobs. There are also three ‘Mystery Knobs’ that are unique to each patch.

Installation: These patches can be loaded using either Components or the Isotonik Editor. Available for purchase at https://isotonikstudios.com/product-tag/lightfinger/

Bonus: Also included are ready-to-print Patch, Sample Set & Session Save Sheets, charts for MIDI CCs, a chart for Notes/Scales, and a handy Settings Quick Start Guide. Respect and gratitude for all of the Circuiteers who have shared their work! Science Is Real, Lightfinger 2-2018


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