Wednesday, January 20, 2021

NAMM 2021 (Believe in Music): Cubase 11

At NAMM's #believeinmusic week, Greg Ondo from Steinberg gave a live demonstration of Cubase 11.

He tackled live recording, post editing, enhancement tools, and more!

A Melodyne-like feature allows for audio editing within the piano roll and you can do easier compositions within a set scale. You can also utilize snapping without warp markers and you can embed tempo changes within the audio.

Loopmash is similar go Gross Beat and allows for live manipulation of a loop.

Softwaqre-based drum machine - Groove Agent SE5 allows for:

  • Integrated in the piano roll
  • Randomization
  • Drop in your own patterns
  • Precise envelope adjustments for filtering, volume, and more
  • Capture rhythms by midi recording
  • All settings in Groove Agent can be exported into Cubase's main editors

In post editing from a live recording, easily fix drum recordings by quantifying each beat individually.

VST Amp Rack brings some more virtual guitar amps.

Adjust EQ, see the notes live, and view the channel effects simultaneously without substantiating a plugin. Easily change signal flow order. 

An easy Q Mix can be saved: Every musician can have their own independent mix while they're tracking.


VST Connect SE: record someone directly into your system in real-time and watch them as well after they download the program. Free version = 2 tracks.


Expression Maps are available for big orchestral libraries. Edit in the piano roll the expressions ie. legato to pizzicato instead of just midi information.

REVerance convolution reverb will really put your sound in place.

When editing for a video, the video player stays in sync as position marker of notes are chosen. 

Easily drop different segments from other projects in your current project. 

Watch the full demonstration here: 

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