Saturday, February 27, 2021

NAMM BIM 2021: Highlights of Believe In Music

Here are a few highlights of the NAMM #believeinmusic week:

  • At the AES With AudioNow Cast and Carl Tatz: Secrets of Near-Field Monitoring event, they provided a few resources. Get your studio monitors right in your studio. Use the Axial Mode Calculator and Null Positioning tools on Carl Tatz's website: https://carltatzdesign.com/acoustic-tools.html

MARKETING and Communication:

Scott Stratten showed us, "How to Level Up Your Virtual Communication." "Stream Deck" is used to hop between cameras, he live streams a DSLR: Cannon 7D, and always keeps his focus on the camera so the audience feels continually engaged with him. And, of course, get your audio levels right! Distortion is distracting and if you're too quiet, how will they hear you? He uses a Shure SM7b to speak into. When asked how he live-streams his DSLR: 

"I run everything through Ecamm on my Mac. The DSLR is plugged into the Mac via USB. Then Ecamm acts as a "Virtual Camera"."

Glenn Haworth from Haworth guitars shared some tips on interacting with your website visitors. Opt-in and Buy-now buttons and widgets are great tools for engaging quickly. Have an offer and clear message within 8 seconds. Share trust-signals such as grantees and show testimonials. Make sure your website works well on mobile devices and have engaging content.

Peter Malick gave an excellent talk on how to, "Build Your Million-Dollar E-commerce Marketing Stack on a Shoestring" Checkout his resources here from AI assistance to a guide on where to host your store: https://inboundav.com/namm2021/

Bill Sebald from Greenlane Search Marketing shared his expertise in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). He explained it is no longer about keywords or algorithms to reach the top of google. You still need to have a fast loading website which can be checked here: https://pagespeed.compare/

Popularity and how long people stay on your website is also still important. Be knowledgeable with your focus s you become an entity. You need to be the authority on what someone is searching for. It's also about investing time and money to beat your competitor. Unfortunately, winning on all the different facets of SEO, is not an even playing field anymore. Focus on what you what is most important to you with the right strategy in place. You win in SEO through the aggregate of every part of it that you build to reach there. 

Lisa Cruze from Red Shoes at the Reverb booth shared the importations of building a community and trust which requires us to always be learning and understanding the cultures you are reaching so not to offend them and finding the best way to reach them. Listening is also a key to finding what they are looking for. 

Business tips: 

Elisa Janson Jones did a great talk on, "The 7 Business Skills Every Music Teacher Needs to Create and Grow a Thriving Music Program" which can also be used in many other facets of the music world. Here is a list of her resources you can use to help you thrive: 



DJ Hapa from http://thedjcoach.com teaches the beginnings of DJ'ing as well as some more advanced techniques brought to you by Pioneer DJ which features the Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX6: 

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